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In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re honoring a few amazing female authors. Here’s the deal. We asked for nominations across our social media channels and selected five:

Audra R Upcurch

LaKitia Woodard

Sherron Elise

Benita Bradley

JB Bryant

Here’s a closer look at a few authors.In honor of Women's History Month.

Meet Audra R Upchurch, author of Unchain My Legacy: How Owning Our Choices Frees Us And Those We Love

It's a story about choices. We all make choices, and our choices have consequences; some good... some not so good. Many have an immediate impact on us, while others have a devastating effect on those we love for generations to come. What do we do about those? How do we break the cycle of pain, denial, struggle, poverty, and abuse? In Unchain My Legacy, twelve authors expose the truth of their stories; revealing the decisions that have threatened to shackle them, their children, and their children's children in a never-ending chain of bondage. As you read each story, you will feel the links of their chains being broken! You will hear them speaking to their issues and taking their lives back! They made the choice today to liberate their tomorrow. But what about you and your family? Do you want to be free to release your loved ones? The decision is yours and today is the day. It's time for you to Unchain Your Legacy!

Inspiration for Writing

Upchurch was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in an extremely unstable household to a mother who suffered in silence with mental illness. As a result, she found herself homeless at the age of 15, a single-mother at 17 with a straight shot down a dark path. She used to be ashamed of her upbringing and the poor choices that followed. However, she now understands that owning and sharing our individual stories is an important ingredient for those looking to leave a lasting legacy.

Upchurch's Favorite Quote and Favorite Female Author

"Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now" Maya Angelou

Something Interesting About Upchurch

She loves running. (completed 3 full marathons in a 12 month period in 2015. Yes, 26.2 miles each! LOL!). She finds running incredibly relaxing and came up with the idea for her first anthology while on a 5 mile run.

Order your copy today at http://audraupchurch.com/

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Meet LaKitia Woodard, author of 31 Days of Truth

31 Days of Truth gives readers 31 days of hard truths to manifest their passion, power, and perseverance. It’s a quick and easy to read book that will challenge readers to dig deep inwardly and really face their truth. Some of us are afraid to just be ourselves because we don’t fit the mold that’s been presented to us. This book helps readers embrace their difference for personal growth by giving them hard truths wrapped in motivation, tied with an inspirational bow.

More About the Author

LaKitia Woodard is a Motivational Speaker, Sister Coach, and International Author empowering women to live their authentic selves. As a result of private coaching, LaKitia’s sister clients are manifesting courageous lives by reconnecting with their personal values, developing meaningful relationships, and re-purposing their fear to embrace their purpose simply by boosting their self awareness. Her passion for speaking blossomed after joining the group Youthful Survivors sharing her testimony on surviving 8 years of sexual abuse. Through her motivational speeches, LaKitia teaches women how to drastically transform their lives and become masters at overcoming mindset blocks simply by sharing her personal life experiences. During her career, she unmasked the ugly truth to most problems among women: lack of self-awareness. In order to solve this issue, she launched A Sister’s Truth (AST). AST is a personal development company teaching women how to use Self Awareness as a tool to live a purpose driven life. Also, she published 31 Days of Truth: Manifest Your Passion, Power, and Perseverance to share techniques on how to gain clarity and build the confidence needed to live your truth.

Something Interesting About Woodard

LaKitia Woodard along with here family and best friends shot an episode of Say Yes to Dress Atlanta to look for my wedding dress.

Order your copy today at http://asisterstruth.com/

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