5 Tips to a fulfilling writing career

1. Be clear about what success means to you

Define it on your own terms. If it means a million copies sold, that's okay. If it means producing a finished product that adequately reflects your message, that's okay. If it means creating credibility and providing excellent content for your audience, that's okay too. Whatever you define success as, make sure it's on your own terms.

Once you're clear about what success looks like for you, creating an action plan is doable. Understand what you want and envision the end result. This will create the momentum you need to proceed.

2. Write consistently

Create a schedule for writing. If you intend to make a living or at best, a stream of income by writing, consistency is KING. Some people suggest quality content is everything, but I beg to differ. Consistency means you write no matter how you feel or how great your content may be. The more you do it, the better you'll become. So, WRITE!

A schedule for writing may be as simple as waking up an hour earlier everyday and committing to write something, anything until you fill up a page. It may be crappy filled with broken sentences and an unclear message. The goal is that over time your commitment to write will create a lifestyle that supports the goals you set for yourself. Your commitment needs to support your vision.

3. Write what's meaningful to you

This one might go against some schools of thought, but consider this. If you're always chasing what's popular, you're always a few steps behind. Write what's in you, write about topics that speak to you, write what's in your own imagination. Doing so allows your greatness to shine through instead being an echo in a crowded room filled with voices.

Discover your strengths by trying different methods, but once you identify them, write passionately.

4. Dare to be original

It's my opinion that you've got to be original in order to be creative. I'd go as far to say one is born out of the other. Like a mother giving birth to a child, originality births creativity.

I'm not suggesting you reinvent the wheel when it comes to technique and style, but find your purest ideas.

I mean, why bother writing if you never produce anything out of your own experience and imagination?

5. Learn how to shut out the chatter

There are tons of so-called expert voices in this age of social media frenzy, but every voice isn't worthy of attention. Some people may delve out great content, but it doesn't work for you. Try not to make everyone's magic ingredients, your own. What works for them may be detrimental to you.

Let’s rise to the challenge by being Written, Not Stirred

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