Tired of silencing the writer in you?

Like with everything else, vision is an integral part of accomplishing goals. Writing is no different. Get clear about what you’d like to share with the world. And when I say get clear; I mean ask yourself open-ended questions to explore your intentions.

Go deep and then go deeper.

See until you’re clear as to why you want to become a published author, it will always get in the way. It’ll compete with other aspects of your life for time and attention. It’ll begin to feel more like a burden than a joy. It’ll resemble a task, chore or any other thing you procrastinate about.

Do yourself a favor and stop it!

Give the writer in you a chance. Feel her vibration, hear her voice and allow her to speak the vision she’s been longing to share with you. Latch onto her like a newborn baby latches to its mother. The writer in you will nurture and sustain the work.

With so much distraction these days, you have to do your part in order to grasp the real reason for pursuing a writing career. If you’re in a stage of getting clear, take time to get the vision. Step away from the external voices and evaluate your why. Still stuck? Enlist the help of someone to guide you in the process.

Let’s rise to the challenge by being Written, Not Stirred

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