How to overcome the agony of self inflicted silence?

We all have a story worth sharing​.

But, how do we overcome the agony of self inflicted silence??? Just do it! Just get busy doing. Write your story. Be committed enough to your passion and your purpose that you'll do the work necessary to share your experiences.

Here are a few steps to help you on your journey

1. Get clear about what it is you wish to accomplish and your motivation.

2. Write out a plan. Be clear and realistic in your planning. Do what is real for you. Be sure to incorporate time and budget. How much time it'll take and the cost associated with putting in the work.

3. Schedule time to work the plan. For example, waking up an hour early each day to write.

4. Execute, execute, execute. Develop a behavior of completing the tasks you've set for yourself. They will lead to your intended result or something better.

5. Check your progress along the way. Measure where you are compared to how far you've come.

6. Celebrate your small successes. Just know they lead to larger successes. enjoy it? Feel the joy in your journey. Writing a book can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be.

7. See it through til the end. Seeing your book in all of its glory is priceless. Don't give in to the thought of giving up. Finish what you start. This is the ultimate confidence booster. Believe you can and you're half way there. yourself in the process. Love y-o-u in all of your creative genius.

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