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Poems artistically woven in soul-bearing rhyme. As you read Scenes, you’ll be captivated by expressions of life, descriptions of growing pains, love lost and regained. You will find poetic sensuality sure to stimulate the senses.

For lovers of Mr. Etrec White’s writings, you'll discover the climactic conclusion of "One Way Conversation."

Justified in his writings, Mr. White illustrates each poem in this collection carefully, he has allowed himself to delve deeper into the emotional entanglements of life and love.

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The Untold Truth About Home Daycare Closures

After running a successful home daycare business for more than 30 years, Ms. Trevor Carter decided it's time to speak up. In The Untold Truth about Home Daycare Closings, you will find the explanations of recent changes in the State of Virginia impacting home daycare owners, a sect of small businesses, and the subsequent impact on families and children. 

Listen! by Erica N. White

A story of transformation. After two divorces, Erica N. White found herself searching for a reason to live. In text, White shifts from discussing the gripping truth about suffering heartbreak to taking a real look at her past in order to heal. She reflects on life lessons while pointing to meaningful outcomes for readers to learn how this twenty-something, single mother found strength to face her truth, heal from past hurt, and walk in her purpose.


Mommy, Will You Play with Me?

Mommy, Will You Play With Me?

Mommy, Will You Play with Me? is a beautiful book highlighting how mothers and daughters engage despite the busyness of life. It's sure to make every little girl's heart smile. The story, although entertaining, speaks to strengthening family dynamics. 

Bryan and Raquel Foster share their account of trusting God despite disaster, which fuels their writing and undeniable heart for ministry. In text, the Fosters walk readers through the history of their union, to the process of building a home debt-free; to the spiritual and emotional process of surviving disaster. The book is colored with scripture, prayer and moments of reflection.

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When the Enemy Comes Like a Flood

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My Message Matters Anthology

My Message Matters Anthology is a collection of stories by heart-centered entrepreneurs for heart-centered entrepreneurs. Ten women share a personal, yet powerful paths of discovering their God-given potential, and how doing so has transformed their lives. 

Rodrick L. Waddle is thoughtful in his manual on money matters using wisdom gained through experience and tireless study. Equipping readers for self-mastery using eight keys in his debut project The Other Side of Money: Becoming a Person God Can Trust is sure to be a game-changer.  With countless writings on the topic of money for people of faith, it’s clear something needs to change. Waddle introduces a fresh perspective coupled with a jaw-dropping testimony, which fuels his writing and speaking on the topic.

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The Other Side of Money: Becoming a Person God Can Trust

OVERCOMER: Mastering Defining Moments Through Prayer and Fasting

The faith-inspired devotional by C. Jai Graham is written to empower others, that they too, can surmount life’s defining moments. It draws on a belief that, regardless the testing of one’s faith, the weight of one’s trials; we can and must overcome. In the text, Graham’s focus shifts from a personal testimony, to real-life, step-by-step spiritual guidance every believer can appreciate.

Diary of a Mad First Lady

A memoir combining life experiences colored by scripture with a broader theme of Women’s Empowerment. Elisha Boyd takes readers down the path of mental and emotional grappling of a major life transition. In text, the author shifts from sharing accounts of a painful past to walking readers through the process of marrying a man in ministry, who becomes a pastor. She’s candid in expressing how church culture and being misunderstood played a role in her battle of accepting a new lot in life. She guides readers to a place of understanding, encouragement and empowerment by sharing solutions, statistics and comforting words from the heart of a once Mad First Lady. 

This memoir focuses on Mr. Landry’s life, from events in early childhood where he discusses the seeds of addictive behavior. He then walks readers through teenage years and early adulthood describing how addiction intensified and became a ruler in his life until he came face-to-face with his truth. In the text, Andrew J. Landry’s focus shifts from retelling his story, to one of ministry.

Overcoming the Addiction that No One Has

Pauly the Praying Pup

Pauly the Praying Pup will inspire the reader to activate the principle of prayer, believe for a strategy to overcome bullying, and be a demonstration of love based on Luke 6:27-36. This book will show readers how the power of prayer can change the heart and mind of bullies and teach the bullied how to stand up for one self.  

Whom God Has Sent

Whom God Has Sent is written by Dr. Arthur L. Adams, Sr., who after losing his natural vision and decades of study, was determined to share the revelation of Jesus Christ. He guides readers through both Old and New Testaments, linking scripture in a way that makes scripture easy to digest. Dr. Arthur L. Adams, Sr., takes a practical approach as he uncovers biblical truths and tackles controversial topics.

Honey In The Woods: A Coloring Story

A fun, educational tool for children. This book can be used to recognize shapes, practice counting, encourage creativity, reading, expansion of vocabulary, parent-child interaction, imagination and reasoning skills, while giving every child an introduction to foreign language and cursive writing at an early age (3-8 yrs. old). Honey in the Woods books are also good for the bigger kids who wouldn't mind reading to a younger brother or sister.

Broken Wings

A narrative of a mother’s decision to champion for her son, Mylon, after a tragic accident. Twylia takes readers on a heart-wrenching journey from gloom and despair to healing and hope.  She reveals the strain of being thrusted into bleak circumstances and uncertain outcomes.  She then leads readers on a path to victory through faith, prayer and her commitment to optimism. 

Kissed a Lot of Frogs

One woman's journey of love. From youthful affection and courtship in her earlier years down a winding path of failed attempts at finding Mr. Right in later years. She narrates personal accounts of high school sweethearts, friendly set-ups and good ole dating flops. It’s the author’s take on finding the funny in dating experiences.

The Wife of God

Desiring a fresh start and ready to allow God to have his way? Raised in church, yet struggling with very personal fleshly desires, the author shares her testimony of healing with extreme transparency. This book teaches readers how to overcome fleshly desires by coming into true relationship with the Lord. 


A true story of a woman who finds more than a relationship in her quest for true love. Denise, a smart, ambitions, adventurous, young lady with a promising future puts it all on the line for love. Jimmy wooed her, whisking Denise off her feet. He was everything wanted until things changed.