Submission Guidelines

What we’re looking for right now:

Memoirs with a message

Inspirational titles (including, but not limited to Christian Living, Memoirs)

Self-help titles supported by relevant, evidence-based content

Books for business titles that can sustain peer-review

NEW Children's titles

Helpful Hints and Guidelines:

Now that you’re clear on what The Author’s Pen is all about, read here for how to write for us! We publish new authors in both print, E-book, and currently testing audio-book.

What might get you noticed:

Well-written content with minimal grammar errors.

Flow and readability lending to a reader’s ability to comprehend ideas.

Makes sense and has some unique concept(s)—the out of the box ideas that are sure to resonate with readers.

Before submitting your manuscript:

Complete an inquiry form and schedule a 15-minute touch base.

Once directed, upload manuscript.

You do not need an agent.

We accept partial manuscripts (first chapter only, outline, and clearly articulated vision for project). 

If we want to move forward with publishing, we will send a response with contract.

We prefer non-fiction projects; specifically those that uplift, inspire, and educate.


Submitting your manuscript:

We accept Word & PDF formats.

Ideal document formatting: Times New Roman, 12pt Font size, single spaced.

We will respond within 2-4 weeks depending on volume.