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We take a people-first approach to book publishing through book coaching, content development, editing, production and personalized book marketing strategies. 

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Book Coaching

We love, love, love the coaching aspect of book publishing. It is by far, one of the most empowering elements of a successful project.  We currently offer coaching for three targeted areas: idea development, project planning, and marketing. Regardless of where you are in the process, we’d love to partner with you to work through the rough places together.



We offer a comprehensive publishing package. It's a one-stop option for if you want to the stress out of the process and focus on life. It includes coaching, editing, book cover design, formatting, and marketing support.  Let us support your vision and help you move from message to movement to more.



We offer a few publishing packages, but our all-inclusive package is a one-stop option for authors who want to take the stress out of the business side of things.  It includes coaching, editing, book cover design, formatting, and more.  Let’s get to work preparing your manuscript to match what you’ve envisioned!